Betting Strategy Guide by Professional Sports Bettors
When it comes to online sports betting, no one has better know-how than those who make a career from it. Professional bettors have gotten together to discuss and debate the various strategies and the below mentioned are the free tips from professional sports bettors and what they all agreed upon. Although you will develop your own strategy given some time, this advice can be used through your sports betting career and will most likely be your saving grace given a bad bet. Check out these little pearls of wisdom handed to you by the best in the industry.

Signing with a Sportsbook
The first step to success is finding a reliable sports betting book. The best books project the most accurate odds and offer multiple betting options to broaden the opportunities to win. Many sportsbooks offer great odds, compare them against one another to which are the most accurate and then choose which you will call home. Before signing, make sure the bookmaker offers a variety of games so you can have your sports picks.

Understanding the Glossary
Sports betting has an entire language of its own and while you may feel like there are too any
different terminologies at first, they soon become apparent in their meaning and become your
second language. You will need to become familiar with the basics like what the favourite means, what it means to be the underdog and that the Moneyline is the same as the favourite. The internet is accommodating for novice bettors and until you are fluent in the terms used for betting, you can refer to the guide at hand, the internet.

Understand Your Game
No matter which game you bet on, knowledge is key to success. The more you know about the team, the players, their positions, the field, the coaches and all of these variables, the better your chances of winning as you are making an informed decision and wagering on what you know to be true.

The Favourite vs. the Underdog

The favourite is the team or player thought to win while the underdog is the team or player thought to lose. You needn't bet on one or the other, you need to know and understand both teams to compare the odds. Just because your favoured team may fall to the underdog category, you don’t have to pass up the opportunity to bet on or against your team. Live sports betting means having an unbiased wager and going in for the win, no matter the player.

Managing Your Bankroll
If you are a novice bettor you may want to consider making some ‘small investments’ for practice. If you have the funds to play around with, try placing a few small wagers on pretty much all the odds, the players and really what you can, but take notes. See which pays out more and find your niche. This is how strategies are developed and you could be a natural or luck could just be working against you. However you choose to look at, smaller investments are the best way to learn from first-hand mistakes. On the other hand, should you hit a bit of luck and choose to go all in, make sure you know how to manage your bankroll and don’t go over your limit. Cap your account so this doesn’t happen. More often than not players  verspend and end up making one or two bets which result in throwing in the towel. Make sure you keep a close eye on how much you bet, where your money is going and watch your payouts.

Sober Betting
Avoid betting when under the influence as your judgement is impaired and you may possible think you have seen good odds but in fact, what you saw was in error and it cost you your wager. Professional bettors always make calendar events regarding matches and ensure there is no entertainment on the day, this is how pro bettors are created and why they advise against betting when under the influence.

Avoid ‘Betting on the Tilt’
As with betting sober, betting on the tilt should be avoided at all costs. Don’t bet with your
emotions. This is possibly the most important singular rule. Betting with emotions means betting on your favourite team despite the high probability of them losing to your opponents.
These are the basics to betting and if followed like a guide book, you will find that your wagers will be more precise, more informed and will put you ahead by giving you the chance of winning. No matter what, betting is a gamble and relies heavily on luck but if you use these pro tips, chances are you can manipulate the odds to work in your favour and change the outcome of any wager.